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Next New Nerd Records
These Albums Below were recorded by Bon Lucas under his real name Phillip Dlugoss.

Released: March 20, 2006

Label: Convertacard Limited

1. Intro - The System Will Rule
2. I've Got The FInd (What I'm Looking For)
3. Become Gone
4. Leaving The World (What Ever Happens)
5. Mr. Real
6. Interlude - The Haytes
7. Something I Don't Get
8. Purple and Yellow
9. Delete Myself From The Human Race
10. Leaving The World (Edit)
11. Something I Don't Get (Freak Fake Remix)

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Something More For The People Who Can't

Released: September 1, 2007

Label: Next New Nerd Records

1. Find Yourself In Me (This Time)
2. Try For Something New (Feat. Ben Cloutier)
3. This Is The Promise
4. Prototypes
5. I Wish I Knew You
6. Fields of Gray
7. Keep It Normal
8. On My Own
9.The Program Of Today
10. When There Is No End
11. I Don't Care For You (Nuff X Remix)
12. I WIsh I Knew You (Frau Blucher Mix) [Edit]

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Chaos Happy

Released: February 14, 2009

Label: Next New Nerd Records

1. June Outcomings
2. Become Gone (Re-recording)
3. Everything Was Everything (Feat. Zay Collins)
4. Find Yourself In Me (Edit)
5. Ten Thousand Home Das
6. I WIsh I Knew You (Frau Blucher Mix) [Full Version]
7. Everyone For Me (Instrumental)
8. Das One
9. Kensington Gardens (Feat. Ben Cloutier)
10. I Don't Care For You (Rude Corps' Remix)
11. Depressed State | 12. Black, White, East, West
13. In Leaving
14. Dies Verletzt Meine Ohren (Theme from 'Chaos Happy')

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